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Plain Dealer columnist Bud Shaw puts news from the sports world through his spin cycle

Countdown to the Browns' No. 1 pick.

4 p.m. - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell declares the draft open and calls it quot;a great day for the NFL.quot;

A greater day will come when the NFL gets a rookie salary cap to temper the weeks of hype that transform pretty good players into alleged franchise-changing talents who command bonuses the equal of AIG's top execs. Only some actually leave a legacy the size of their investment portfolio.

4:05 - The Lions make Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford the anticlimactic No. 1 choice. There hasn't been this sure a thing since Detroit picked Joey Harrington third overall in 2003. You know Joey. Padraig's cousin.

4:15 - St. Louis picks Baylor offensive tackle Jason Smith. Pro Football Weekly's scouting report lists his negatives, quot;has some tightness in his ankles.quot; Expected to make Pro Bowl but ankles could cost him quot;Dancing With The Starsquot; selection.

4:25 - Tyson Jackson to Kansas City? Really? If Seattle doesn't take linebacker Aaron Curry, this is the second-best scenario for the Browns , who haven't had a game-changer at linebacker since Dwayne Rudd took his helmet off against Kansas City.

4:32 - Uh-oh. Seattle picks Curry with enough time left over in their allotted 10 minutes to enjoy a double Caramel Macchiato.

4:42 - Browns find a willing trade partner in the Jets, who pick USC quarterback Mark Sanchez. This is the best scenario. Well, if there were more picks instead of more ex-Jets maybe it would be. But the Jets' 17th pick in the first round should bring one of USC's coveted linebackers (Rey Maualuga) and one of the ex-Jets, safety Abram Elam, should start.

Somebody in the press room hollered quot;no brainerquot; when the trade was announced. Given the Browns' drafts since 1999, that sounded a lot like the kiss of death.

5:22 - Michael Crabtree goes to San Francisco with the 10th pick. Saw him on TV the other night wearing Zsa Zsa Gabor's earrings and denying reports he came off as a diva when he visited with Browns coach Eric Mangini.

5:57 - Browns trade the 17th choice in the first round to Tampa Bay, moving down two spots and picking up a sixth-round pick. Tampa takes Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman.

First, Sanchez. Now, Freeman. What are Mangini and George Kokinis running? An eHarmony service for teams in need of QBs?

6:11 - Browns trade 19th pick to Eagles to move down two more spots and get another sixth-round pick.

6:25 - Goodell says, quot;The Cleveland Browns have picked.quot; It's Cal center Alex Mack, whom Pro Football Weekly rates a second- to third-round talent. All that for this? You can always hope he plays both ways.

Tasty waves, cool . . .

Charles Barkley says the Pistons quit.

Barkley said this prior to Game 3 when the Pistons at least gave the Cavs a hard time for three quarters. Barkley's line that the Pistons have quot;one foot in Cancunquot; may not have been original or particularly insightful, but it was true nonetheless.

During timeouts in today's second half, the towel boys on the Pistons' bench have been instructed to also hand players their passports and umbrella drinks.

Birdie, birdie in the sky

The Atlanta Hawks' mascot gets loose.

A hawk named quot;Spiritquot; usually flies down from the rafters during pregame introductions at Phillips Arena.

But Wednesday he swooped around the arena during the first quarter of Atlanta's game with Miami. He finally came to rest on the top of one of the baskets before the game was stopped. After a short delay, quot;Spiritquot; returned safely to his handler.

quot;It's hard to play with your back to that hawk on the backboard,quot; said Miami's Dwayne Wade.

Wade should try playing for the Pistons. At least quot;Spiritquot; is a trained hawk who doesn't have an eye for human prey. The same can't be said for the vultures circling over Tayshaun Prince and Rasheed Wallace.

It's all geek to me

Talking at the NFL Draft is hard to understand.

quot;He can be a difference-maker for a team at the next level.quot; Besides being a clich?, this assumes there is only one level. Having seen the Browns and Steelers, we know differently.

quot;The War Room.quot; - Honestly. Even the soldier, Kellen Winslow Jr., thinks this is an embarrassing military reference.

quot;You can't teach that kind of hip bend.quot; - ESPN's Marcellus Wiley on Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith, who apparently makes Elvis look like he had spinal fusion surgery.

quot;His motor runs hot and cold.quot; - Scouting report on LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson. Translation: Mercedes body, Kia engine.

quot;He has deceptive speed.quot; Sometimes it looks as if your grandmother could catch him, but in reality only your grandfather could.


When someone - I can't remember the source - said of John Madden that he quot;did for the word 'Boom' what Emeril Lagasse did for the word 'Bam,' quot; that didn't strike me as the highest praise.

* Stafford, the overall No. 1 pick by the Lions, said before the draft, quot;Obviously, being the No. 1 pick would be a great thing and going to Detroit would be a lot of fun.quot; Yep. Fun and Lions Football go hand in hand.

* Winning a game against the Pistons with Mo Williams and Delonte West bricking shots says something for the Cavaliers but probably more about the sad state of the Pistons. Let's just say you wouldn't want to try this against L.A.

* Niners coach Mike Singletary took offense during predraft interviews when Stafford didn't want to answer a question about his parents' divorce. Said Singletary, quot;If [asking that question] is going to be an issue, uhhh, then you know what, maybe he doesn't belong here.quot; Apparently the guy who dropped his pants in the locker room at halftime of his first game as head coach wants players who handle sensitive topics with grace and aplomb.

He said what?

This week's nomination in our Wedgespeak Contest came in response to a question about whether the Indians worry about Victor Martinez running the bases given his injuries of a year ago:

Wedge said, quot;He'll be OK if he stays within his motor skills.quot;

I guess that means don't try to be Usain Bolt.

You said it

quot;Bud: Do you have any idea what Mel Kiper Jr. did for a living?quot; - Tom.

I'm guessing hair stylist but I'll check for sure and get back to you.


quot;Bud: How bad would the Indians' record have to be this year in order for GM Mark Shapiro and manager Eric Wedge to be fired? Does it make me a bad person to be secretly rooting for that?quot; - Ron

Well, Ron, you'll have to be the ultimate judge of whether it makes you a bad person. But the only other guy I know rooting for that is Milton Bradley.


quot;Bud: I am no longer a Browns fan until Mangini is [gone]. [But] as an 'observer,' the pick should be B.J. Raji.quot; - Greg.

Sorry, Greg, but saying you're no longer a fan then caring enough to still make a pick doesn't sound very convincing. It reminds me of an interview I once did with boxer Leon Spinks. He told me he stopped drinking and smoking and was considering a comeback. The interview took place at a restaurant bar. He was smoking and drinking whiskey at the time.

To reach Bud Shaw: bshaw@plaind.com, 216-999-5639

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: April 28, 2009

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