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Plain Speaking

Plain Speaking
Today's question:

Do you think Browns fans should have cheered Derek Anderson's injury?

"Although I'm not a big Derek Anderson fan, I was ashamed by the total lack of sportsmanship. I was extremely disappointed."

- Avon

"Love him or hate him, you don't cheer a man when he's down."

- Garfield Center

"I hope those idiots who cheered the Browns quarterback's injury are ashamed of themselves."

- West Park

"Absolutely not, they should not have cheered Derek Anderson's injury. Football is a team sport. The outcome of every game falls on all of their shoulders, not just Derek Anderson's." - Parma

"Never be surprised by anything, especially in Cleveland."

- Parma

"Doug Dieken was so right when he said those were not fans who cheered the injured Derek Anderson, they were just people in the stands." - No city

"No, the Browns don't need a bunch of barbarians and idiots for fans. Their display was disgusting." - Mentor

"I think most of the fans were trying to show encouragement to Anderson." - Slavic Village

"No. He'll get better and become a Super Bowl quarterback - on another team." - Parma

"Any 'fan' who would cheer an injured player is not a fan."

- Avon

"I think that it was just terrible that they laughed at Derek Anderson, but as you know you're only as good as your last touchdown here in Cleveland."

- South Euclid

"You never cheer for any player when they get hurt."

- Lakewood

"No. It is rude and ignorant to cheer when someone is injured regardless of whether the person is liked or disliked. It is disgusting." - Euclid

"I do not feel that the Browns fans should have cheered Derek Anderson's injury. It was disgusting."

- Broadview Heights

"Of course not. Anyone who is a true Browns fan wouldn't have. It's the drunken idiots who ruin the game for everyone."

- Cleveland

"I don't believe the fans cheered for Anderson's injury. They cheered because he was able to move and get up."

- North Olmsted

"Some people foolishly believe that booing will somehow get the message to the powers that be that change is necessary. Stay home. Boo in your own living room, so the rest of us don't have to be bothered by your rude behavior." - No city

"They should not have cheered Derek Anderson's injury. But I think they were cheering the fact that he would be out of the game and a new quarterback would be in." - North Olmsted

"It's very sad to see what we've become as a country. Think if it was your son, your brother. Very sad." - Cleveland

" Browns fans should not have cheered Derek Anderson's injury. He's a human being. If you love the Browns, you stand behind the players. And that means not booing when they're injured."

- Cleveland

"What a despicable reaction toward an injured player. These disgusting people don't deserve to sit in Browns Stadium. Godspeed on your recovery, Derek." - North Royalton

"I think the Browns fans shouldn't have cheered Derek Anderson's injury. I cheered him because he was able to get up and didn't have to be carted off." - Kirtland Hills

"Anderson doesn't deserve anything the way he's been playing lately. Get rid of the coach." - Maple Heights

"Better than that, they should have had a parade." - Strongsville

"Browns fans have no civility, no manners, no couth. It's hardly surprising that they'd boo an injured player." - Cleveland

"It was very wrong for fans to cheer for Derek Anderson getting hurt. You never want to see anyone getting hurt."

- Cleveland

Author:Fox Sports
Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
Added: December 4, 2008

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