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News » These trades wouldn't be a bad idea

These trades wouldn't be a bad idea

These trades wouldn't be a bad idea
The NFL's trade deadline is very quietly, nearly anonymously, sneaking up on us. In fact, how many of you actually knew the often overlooked cutoff to swap a player this season is Tuesday? Yep, less than a week away and, well, to be honest, it's difficult to really take notice because it's the most useless "date" in the NFL.

Useless? Harsh word but in order to shed that label, the day actually has to be "used" for what it was meant for. Instead, nearly every team in the league treats it as nothing more than a wasted blip on the calendar, a largely ignored memo sent out by the league.

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Unlike Major League Baseball where a Manny Ramirez doesn't have to wade through the red tape of salary cap ramifications, there are simply too many pitfalls with in-season trades in the NFL. There's the aforementioned cap, but even more is the reluctance by teams to surrender draft picks for another team's misfit or underachiever.

NFL teams aren't in the business of trading away good, solid, productive players and many teams simply have it as company policy to not even entertain making such a move during the season.

So as we approach another trade deadline that will likely come and go without so much as a peep, I've decided to spice things up a bit with my own personal view of activity I'd love to see come to fruition. None of them have much of a chance of happening and a few are definitely coming out of left field, but that's what makes my little trade fantasy list fun.

The following is my list of trades I think should happen ... but probably won't.

  • Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez to the Giants: Why would a team trade a man many consider the greatest tight end of all time? The Chiefs are rebuilding and by the time they turn around their fortunes, Gonzalez's time in this league could be over. Why let his career end on a rebuilding team? He and team President Carl Peterson are extremely close. If they can find a trade that would work for all parties, it would actually be quite honorable for a team executive to not hold a player hostage in his final years on a rebuilding team. Get something for him to assist with the rebuilding process. He'll forever be loved in KC regardless.

    The Giants are the perfect fit as they'd provide Eli Manning with one of the most reliable targets in the league. Between Gonzalez and Plaxico Burress, their red-zone threat would be downright scary. The Giants should take the second- and fifth-round picks they got for Jeremy Shockey's trade and offer them to the Chiefs for Gonzalez. Shockey for Gonzo? Who doesn't do that?

  • Jeff Garcia to the Vikings: It's too late as Garcia is back in the starting lineup for Tampa, but I would've loved to have seen this move made by the Vikings several weeks ago. The Bucs would have given Garcia away for basically nothing and the Vikings offense at the time got nothing out of the QB slot. Perfect marriage! When Garcia is on, I love his game and grittiness, just what that Vikings offense needs. Plus, his mobility would've allowed the Vikings to use the same plays they had worked on all offseason with Tarvaris Jackson. While Gus Frerotte has two wins under his belt, he's had to come to life in a big way after halftime in both games. Garcia, when he's on, can frustrate a defense from the opening whistle.

  • Lions WR Roy Williams to ... nobody: His name has been stuck in trade talks for a while. Personally, I hope he stays right where he is for whoever takes over this team and runs the show next year. With an overhaul on the horizon, it would be great to see Williams and Calvin Johnson mesh and grow together when the Lions turn into a solid franchise. This team has been mired in drama after drama — Susan Lucci may well have been running the show — and I'd love to see this duo work when they don't have to deal with the drama that has hurt the Motown Lions for years. Now that the entire Matt Millen soap opera is in the books, the new guy should be allowed to restore the place with the help of one of the most potentially talented receiving corps in the league.

  • Chad Johnson to the Raiders: You want out? OK, send him to Davisland. The Raiders will surely pay and in the offseason they fished around about this scenario. Let him be Davis's sideshow now.

  • Chargers LB Shawne Merriman to the Steelers: The Chargers don't appear to be ready and willing to open up the wallet and shell out the monster contract that's on the horizon. Trade him now to avoid the circus in the offseason and let him rehab his knee the way his future employer wants him to. I picked the Steelers because, well, just think about it — Merriman in Dick LeBeau's defensive scheme? Oh my goodness! He could average 25 sacks a year, especially when you consider he'll line up weekly with two other Pro Bowl linebackers. I know it's a fantasy, but in my demented little mind it's a perfect fit.

  • Browns quarterback Derek Anderson to the Chiefs: They aren't going to trade Brady Quinn, who the Chiefs were willing to give up a premium to acquire a few weeks ago. Fine, if the Browns are unwilling to give up Quinn they may be able to get solid value for Anderson while he's still the starter. Once he hits the bench his trade value will be severely diminished. Thus, if Cleveland knows he's not the guy long-term and have already thought about demoting him short-term, get something for him now. Meahwhile, the Chiefs are in a desperate search to stabilize their quarterback position.

  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh to the Titans: Tennessee needs a wideout and T.J.'s personality fits Jeff Fisher to a tee. Granted, it's a bit far-fetched to think Cincy would trade him to a conference rival, but Tennessee could really use a Pro Bowl wideout to help their offense and T.J. needs a change of scenery.

  • Lorenzo Neal to the Chargers: No, he's not on the block. No, San Diego's brass would be too proud to realize they made a crucial mistake in kicking the perennial Pro Bowler to the curb. But for the sake of all Chargers fans and LaDainian Tomlinson, GET THIS MAN BACK! Neal is the consummate battering ram and a huge reason for Tomlinson's perennial dominance. While his toe injury is limiting his production, so is not having Neal leading the way. In addition to his powerful blocking, Neal's locker room value cannot be stressed enough. With the Chargers struggling, Neal is terrific at getting guys' heads on straight and often takes on big brother status with his teammates.

  • Author:Fox Sports
    Author's Website:http://www.foxsports.com
    Added: October 10, 2008

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